Investment Management & Governance

Our role in establishing the farm business includes producing a business plan and memorandum of information, and then sourcing an investor group with common objectives, complementary skills, and experience. We then manage the partnership formation process, including sourcing debt finance proposals, coordinating initial shareholder meetings, forming a Board of Directors, appointing a farm manager, and sourcing capital stock and plant.

A key part of our business model is working with the Board of Directors for each farm to develop the annual budget and strategic plan, as well as setting clear, achievable and measurable targets.

We report back to shareholders on these financial and production targets on a quarterly basis. These reports have been built around the requirements of our institutional investors and encompass benchmarking between farms and industry figures, local industry data and information, KPI tracking and commentary, as well as profit/loss and balance sheet reporting.

In the case of institutional investors and managed funds, the senior members of the MyFarm Sheep & Beef team fulfil the Directors’ roles of these farming businesses.